Another year to add up to my sister’s existence, her 20th year of being the stubborn sister and bruha in my life. It’s her first time to celebrate her birthday without our parents, our family. So, I’ve decided to do something sweet to surprise her and make her feel that her day’s really special. I asked my partner in crime, Raina some help. I asked her to buy a cake but she said she haven’t brought any money and so we’ve decided that I’ll just wait her in the apartment and we’ll just buy a cake in 7 eleven and when she arrived,tanaaaan! she’s already holding the cake she bought in the hotel (thank God sa chill out bar siya na-assign). it was just a simple surprise party for my sister and for ate beng. hehehe. simple yet so meaningful.

hahahaha. adorable, isn’t she?

bday girl and her cheese cake

ate beng na kagigising lang. :))

my co-trainees. thank you!! mission accomplished.

thank you powerpuff girls for making everyday a special day para di ta ma homesick. RAINA!!! hahahaha. you’re the best!!!

happy birthday ulit birthday girls! continuation of our party tonight ha. haha. mornyt everyone. :)